This time in Warsaw

Monday, September 16, 2019

It’s the middle of my therapy - I feel like a hole in the ground, open and vulnerable like a fresh wound. I still do my best to cope with all the feelings I’m experiencing but there are moments where I feel lost like a child. Only five weeks to go and I’m so sensitive, the most I’ve been so far. I miss my friends but I have no energy to give them my time. It will pass, they say.
Hopefully, cause in November I need to start work again and do my best to catch up with everything I missed. I need to prove myself I’m good enough. Or better - I need to believe I’m good enough.

Colors of August

Friday, August 16, 2019

Another year - another post full of flowers and plants it is! I always feel the best taking pictures of nature, no matter how many years I do it for.
My therapy is slowly going forward - third week is over now. It's this stage where you feel totally exhausted but you still try to believe it's only temporary. And probably it is - they warned us about it.
I seek calm in art, I read a lot, I watch a lot of movies, I walk a lot.
Is it me or this summer holidays went by really fast?


Friday, July 26, 2019

This blog got really dusty recently. I was in a dark pit, full of nerves and stress. Today I was admitted to day care psychiatric hospital, specialized in depression. I'm not ashamed to need help. It's been too many years to waste an opportunity to get better. I am very scared but full of hope. Keep your fingers crossed for me please. I will do my best to blog regularly now.

Very expired.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Long time no see!
I had a busy time at work and school - btw school goes great, I totally love it. I passed all my tests so far and I passed them well.
These photos you see right now are not the best. But this time there's a reason for it - the film roll I used expired in... 2009. I was sure there'll be a huge mess but I was too curious how the photos turn out not to try and load it into my camera.
Any plans for holidays? I plan to work hard for some cosy weekends outside of the city. I need that.

Memories of Berlin

Friday, May 24, 2019

I decided to remaster some of my photos from my trip to Berlin in 2015. Is anyone here with me for so long? I can tell some of you and that’s awsome! I was craving for a trip and now that I can’t do it I found my folder full of Berlin photos. It’s only 4 years but I still notice how different my pictures would have been if I shot them nowadays! I’d love to go back to these streets and alleys, have a cup of coffee in The Barn or Distrikt - I miss it so much. I will do what I can to visit the city again. What is your fav place on earth? Your favorite corner of the world?

Hey May

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Is there sun in your city?
I am charging my batteries in every ray of sunshine, even if I’m just looking through the window.
On Wednesday I’m having a tattoo session which will do justice to my love for Norse beliefs. Can’t wait to show you!
I decided to shoot film more. It’s been 10 years since I got my first analog camera. It was my first Canon AV-1, the black one. It served me good for a few years. If you’d like to follow my film photography on everyday basis - here’s an instagram for that - @maryshoots35mm


Monday, April 15, 2019

I was so afraid that my lovely trees will disappoint me with blooming so late. Like every year I need to spam you with some lovely, lovely flowers. One day I will photograph Sakura trees in Japan, but for now - plum trees in Poland are also good enough.