Finding my place on Earth.

Monday, September 25, 2017

New York is my place on Earth.
But as long as I can’t be in there I need to find a substitution.
So I travel as often as I can.
When I’m writing this, I’m on my train back from Poznań, one of my all time favorites. That’s why all photos you see in this post are from this very city.
When I first landed in Poznań, few years ago, my only thought was „I’m going to study fine arts in here”. Of course I didn’t, but it’s still a place I love to visit. The architecture amazes me every single time, I take a look around.
I could sit endlessly on the stairs of the castle, watching the Old Town from above, just sitting there and loving the moment. (Cheese pretzels are so delicious, trust me.)

Berlin stole my heart from the first second I took a step out of the bus. I remember I’ve been there before, when I was 12, me and my parents visited a huge mall. And I had my leg broken and it was very inconvenient for me to move around.
I decided to come back and give the city another chance. And that was my best decision!
I could describe Berlin in a word „hospitable”. I was feeling so comfortable in there, so good, chilled, so me. Every coffee I had brought new memories, I wish I had my traveler’s notebook back then. Even the dirtiest alley was so magical to me.
I missed the city as soon as I left. And I still miss it. I miss being me.
(You can watch my photos of Berlin HERE)

Gdańsk is where I was born, that’s why it’s so obvious why I’m so drawn to it. This is the cosiest city, I’ve ever seen. Full of amazing cafes and stone stairs to sit on. As a port city we have access to the Baltic sea, so you can find a place for yourself, doesn’t matter if it’s the beach or the Old City. Our huge fairs during the summer and during Christmas bring the most of the tourists. I’m addicted to taking photos of this city. I live here all my life and I still find some pieces I’ve never seen before. 
(You can check out my pictures of Gdańsk HERE)

Warsaw used to scare me. A lot. It's our capital city and I've never seen buildings so big in my life. But later I've seen some even bigger ones and I wanted to give this place another chance to seduce me. 
And it worked! I spent hours just wandering around, finding some inspiring cafes to write in, to get to know the city better. 
My friend moved there from Gdańsk few months ago, I have a good reason to go there as often as I can. 
(Check my photos of Warsaw HERE.)

How did I get into photography?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A friend blogger inspired me to try to work from town today. There was a time I used to do this quite a lot. But when my depression got worse I almost stopped leaving home for other reasons than my regular job.
Yes, this one is going to touch few of the most important topics for me - you guessed it right.
So, I’ve got my coffee - cafe latte with some almond milk, I’ve got a piece of coconut cake - I’m ready to tell you how I started taking my photographs.
Almost all of you know me from my photography blog - I’m obsessed with taking pictures. Everywhere and with every tool I have.
That’s why all the pictures in this post are sponsored by my iPhone 7 Plus.
I did not take any camera with me today on purpose - I always take it as a challenge to take pictures good enough to post with my phone only.
It doesn’t mean I don’t use a regular cameras - duh, I use them a lot. But nowadays it’s mostly a film camera - don’t you ever let anyone tell you that film cameras are useless in the age when you can take a superb photo using any electrical device you have at home. You need to try, to find out that traditional photography captures immortal memories and soul inside of a picture.
Even if it’s only a toy camera you can get for $5. It’s about the film itself. About it’s grain where every single ray of light is perfectly captured on a 35mm frame. About the settings set in a rush to capture the perfect moment. In imperfection of the shot. Lost focus. Caught focus. A lens flare you’ve never expected.
It takes time and practice. But it’s worth trying.

The first time I’ve ever had a camera in my hands was more than ten years ago. I was a lost teenager with her first depression symptoms.
The most horrible time of my life.
I had so much to tell but I was not gifted in any way (in this place I always have the same sounding quote from „Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona” in my head).
One day a person very dear to my heart, handed me a camera and said „Just take a picture. Try it.”
It escalated very quickly. I was taking photos of flowers, trees, animals, woods and fields. Now, when I look at some of these pictures I can’t stand how bad they are. But you need to remember that it’s an essential part of the process.
Few weeks ago I posted a random picture on twitter. I was just sharing a moment of me, having coffee and chilling on my own. A friend asked how is it possible that I take such great photos of so simple things.
First of all - I blushed like a rose, cause it’s such a wonderful thing to hear.
And second of all - there is only one answer for the question: I’ve taken thousands of bad photos before! With time it becomes a habit - taking care of the light or the composition. Even if you take pictures of your flat to rent, you just care of all those conditions you’ve learned or heard so much about through all years of practicing.

Photography became my biggest love and I can’t imagine my life without it. It sounds like a typical cliche, but it’s true!
I’ve tried digital photography, pin hole photography, film photography, macro photography - I love all kinds! But shooting film still is my favorite kind.
It’s just my thing.
If you ever want to try photography but you’re afraid of bad photos - don’t be! You learn through them, only to be better. Know more.
Just try. Take a camera you have - it doesn’t matter it’s a cheap, compact camera you bought only to shoot something during your holidays, take the camera. Try.

If you are curious of my film photography, you can check it out - HERE.


Autumn bucket list 2017.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome on my new blog. I wanted to create such place for quite some time now - a place where you can read more than I say in my vlogs.
To be honest, I've never had a blog like this - a lifestyle/creative/casual place. I've always had photography blogs, diary blogs etc. So maybe we can mix all these things together and have a cool place for all my ideas? Sounds so fun!
Soooo... please feel comfortable and welcome to my first entry. An autumnal one!
Every year I'm creating an autumn bucket list, because it's my favorite season and all I wanna do it making every day special.
So, here's my list for this year, all points that are checked are already done. :)

1. Have a Pumpkin Spiced Latte.
2. Shoot at least 20 rolls of film: 4/20
3. A walk in through the forest.
4. To bring some colorful leaves home.
5. Post at least one autumnal recipe.
6. A walk in the rain.
7. Read at least 3 books: 0/3
8. To keep my plant alive.
9. Make a list of my favorite films.
10. Gain at least 20 followers of this blog. :D 18/20

I wonder if you're an autumn fan as I am? If so, tell me what are your fav activities during this season. 
And if you hate it, don't you worry - WINTER IS COMING.