Finding my place on Earth.

Monday, September 25, 2017

New York is my place on Earth.
But as long as I can’t be in there I need to find a substitution.
So I travel as often as I can.
When I’m writing this, I’m on my train back from Poznań, one of my all time favorites. That’s why all photos you see in this post are from this very city.
When I first landed in Poznań, few years ago, my only thought was „I’m going to study fine arts in here”. Of course I didn’t, but it’s still a place I love to visit. The architecture amazes me every single time, I take a look around.
I could sit endlessly on the stairs of the castle, watching the Old Town from above, just sitting there and loving the moment. (Cheese pretzels are so delicious, trust me.)

Berlin stole my heart from the first second I took a step out of the bus. I remember I’ve been there before, when I was 12, me and my parents visited a huge mall. And I had my leg broken and it was very inconvenient for me to move around.
I decided to come back and give the city another chance. And that was my best decision!
I could describe Berlin in a word „hospitable”. I was feeling so comfortable in there, so good, chilled, so me. Every coffee I had brought new memories, I wish I had my traveler’s notebook back then. Even the dirtiest alley was so magical to me.
I missed the city as soon as I left. And I still miss it. I miss being me.
(You can watch my photos of Berlin HERE)

Gdańsk is where I was born, that’s why it’s so obvious why I’m so drawn to it. This is the cosiest city, I’ve ever seen. Full of amazing cafes and stone stairs to sit on. As a port city we have access to the Baltic sea, so you can find a place for yourself, doesn’t matter if it’s the beach or the Old City. Our huge fairs during the summer and during Christmas bring the most of the tourists. I’m addicted to taking photos of this city. I live here all my life and I still find some pieces I’ve never seen before. 
(You can check out my pictures of Gdańsk HERE)

Warsaw used to scare me. A lot. It's our capital city and I've never seen buildings so big in my life. But later I've seen some even bigger ones and I wanted to give this place another chance to seduce me. 
And it worked! I spent hours just wandering around, finding some inspiring cafes to write in, to get to know the city better. 
My friend moved there from Gdańsk few months ago, I have a good reason to go there as often as I can. 
(Check my photos of Warsaw HERE.)

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