A gift for a dear blogger friend.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

I can't really tell when I met Caitlyis for the first time - it's been so long! I just admired her skills in photography, she seemed so kind and creative! We're following each other's blogs for quite some time now, so it was such a pleasure to prepare a gift for her and her baby boy, who's coming into this world very soon.
I had an idea to swap parcels with someone dear to me and she was the very first to take part in this.
It was such a great time spent on preparing a package! I've been wandering through shops, looking for the best pieces to put in the box. It's a really fulfilling process of collecting every single item to make the particular person happy.
Here are some photos I took, while packing everything. Unfortunately I've lost some of the pictures, but I saved the rest. I tried to gather all best, polish brands of sweets and snacks. And of what I've heard from Caitylis herself - she and her boyfriend liked them quite a lot. :)
Go and check her blog out, you will fall in love with it, as I did. <3

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