Do you keep a journal?

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Keeping a journal was always a tricky thing for me. I loved the idea, but the lack of motivation was always killing it very quickly.
That’s why I started a blog - I’ve always loved technology so it was a more interesting option.
My first blog was created when I was 11 (16 years ago!!!). It was full of useless football news, cause I was a player myself in that period of time. Now, when I think about it, it’s s funny - no one read it and I was posting match results of my favorites Premier League teams.
Then there were my diary blogs. I was changing platforms and domains like crazy, afraid that someone of my family finds it. I’m laughing so hard right now!
Writing was always my way of expression, especially that I couldn’t draw or paint. The first paper journal started when I had no opportunity to write online. I really had no one to talk to and I had so much on my mind. It leaked on paper immediately. My psychiatrist was and still is always saying that it’s so good to write, to clear out your mind, to put it all on paper and face it. Analyze it. Understand your own self. Because thoughts are just thoughts - they hit you harder when they materialize. It makes choices easier.
It makes you get on well with yourself.
Sometimes I open an old diary of mine on the same page as the actual date is in that moment. Not to live in the past - to see how I’ve changed. How I’ve grown.
I see how much stronger I’ve become as a woman.
At the moment I'm keeping three different journals.
My Traveler's Notebook in passport size - I'm totally in love with the concept and the format! I keep my art, some scraps and my diary in there. At first I had no idea how to set up my Traveler's Notebook - I just knew how popular it became.
But youtube came with help. Now I'm loving it and I carry my little notebook everywhere with me.

Literally few days ago I stared my Dream Journal. Since I suffer from insomnia, it's very important for me to write down every dream I have after I take my meds - they are very wicked sometimes. For this cause I picked up an old, unused, little Moleskine daily calendar - it's thick enough to be used for a long time.

Keeping a Happiness Journal is something very strange for me. I mean, it's a great idea, but I write so little in there. I still punish myself for all my failures, that's why I try to write every, single happy thing in my life. To remind myself that this happens. That happiness is real. And I can't forget about that. Even if I do it so often.

And you? Do you keep a journal? Talk to me.


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