My ways to keep my mind healthy.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October is my favorite month.
That's the sentence I repeat so much during the autumn, it's already so boring for everyone. But how can you not be amazed by beautiful sun and colorful leaves?
But not whole autumn is like this. We can't avoid rain and wind, that's why I think it's very important to keep ourselves warm and take care about our mental health.
It doesn't matter if you've had any mental issues in the past or not - taking care about it is always a good idea. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite ways to do it, to calm your mind.
They may be cliche but for me there is nothing better!
All the photos you see in this blog post were taken during my weekend in the woods, last weekend. I had a wonderful time and it's my absolute favorite of all the ways of spending some quality time with myself.
There are some places, I have some good memories from, I love to come back there after so many years. It's very calming, and cuts me off reality for a few moments.

Cup of tea is always a remedy. What's your favorite kind? I'm such a huge fan of green and white tea, especially with some fruits. My room is usually cluttered with dozens of empty cups! I live in an artistic chaos but cups are everywhere. Tea and coffee time is the best part of a day. And of course - the bigger cup, the better. My mug collection is so spectacular, that my mom can't stand any new one I bring home.

Tea and a good book is a perfect match. Sit in your room, turn off your phone, turn off the tv. Take a book that's looking at you from the shelf for so long. Give yourself even ten minutes a day. You have no idea how quickly you will get lost in the world of untold stories, colorful characters and beautiful places. Or you pick a bad book and it's all nonsense... Don't pick bad books. :D Make a good research before you buy a book. It's the only reasonable way not to drown in books you'll never read. Been there, done that.
Now I'm in a process of cleaning my library of any books I don't need or I'm not interested into anymore. You can expect me selling some of them in the near future, haha!

Do I really need to mention music? Music, for most of us, is the only way to exist in the society and keep a mind sane. No matter what genre of music you like, it's always such a clearing experience! We feel better when we can find ourselves in the lyrics, relate to the singer in any way...
I'm leaving you my favorite album of the last few weeks. On repeat, all the time.

Self development is such an important part of our lives - if you care about your passions and interests there's a higher chance that your mental health will be stable. Or it'll improve. I started my photography when my world fell apart - now it's the only thing that keeps me going, showing you my works is so inspiring, so motivating! It makes me learn with every shot, keeps me going. Every person should look for a passion - then you'll never be alone even if you think that you are. You'll have something what's yours only. And no one can take that from you. Knitting, writing, singing, gaming? It's all the same. It's all yours.

What are your best ways of self - care? Inspire.


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