Six things I wish I'd know...

Saturday, November 11, 2017

...before I left my university. Why six things? Because it was the amount I knew for sure. And I wanted to tell you things I am really sure of, nothing made up.
I studied three times. Twice at the University of Gdańsk and once in a private school of photography. Every time was a different experience. Better or worse, the most important is what I've leant. And it's what I come to you with today.

1. It’s really not that important what people think.
During my time at the uni I was called „the youtube girl”. People laughed about my channel so much, oh my. And I don’t even know how they knew! Probably someone just randomly found me. You know, how immature was having a gaming channel at my age! 

2. You’re scared of exams? Still, the real danger awaits you at work. 
I was absolutely teryfied with my exam session. Every single one. And then I suddenly found myself in a place where I just lost a job.
First I thought it’s a heart attack. Then I realized that it’s only my world falling apart - when you are used to be independent and that ends, it feels like you’re choking with dirt.
After having my fourth job now I am sure of one thing - it’s so comforting when you enjoy your job even in 1%. It makes life easier.

3. Have fun. 
I didn’t and now I regret it very much. Being a biology student was a hard way to choose but today I know - I should have done more, experience more, feel more. Even if studying was taking a huge part of my life.
BUT. Common sense is the key. Always.

5. A degree is not your intelligence. 
Of course studying is important, I will never deny that. But be sure you are doing it for yourself and yourself only. If it means a good job opportunity - even better. But if not, focus on learning other skills, various ones, often connected with your passions.
I spent an hour during my job interview talking about Apple market strategies and I don’t even work in Apple, haha. The only thing you need to prove is that you're sharp and openminded. Degree helps, but I know too much cases where it doesn’t.

6. Stay close to your friends from outside the university. 
Of course during your studies you can meet your best friend ever. It's totally possible. But as I experienced - when you leave they suddenly stop being your friends with time. They just disappear from your life with no word said and that hurts. We don't want things to hurt.


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