Necklace of tears.

Friday, December 29, 2017

I look for you in a stranger's eyes,
Passing by on a train in a cold, winter night.
I know you lift up your head when you hear my name,
But it's just someone calling a waitress in this little diner you like so much.

We live next to each other, longing for the lightest touch,
Knowing that my way is not your way and your way is not mine.
I often wonder who's hair did you touch, to whom do you smile.
Do you smile at all?

I do. I do it a lot.
It's the best shield for my broken bones, for my heart squeezed so hard it's barely beating, for my brain boiling of madness after all I've felt.
Do you miss my ice walls when they melt?

Please make me a necklace of tears I shed,
I know you keep them under your bed.
Add there all nights you lost for me,
For no one else ever to see.

My little poem book is very seriously in progress and I couldn't be happier. Today I leave you my next piece, my next little element of the book, hopefully coming out in 2018.
I'm leaving for New Years to see my friend Edyta. We always have the best time. I will try to take some photos and vlog a little.
Stay warm and Happy New Year. See you in my next post, about the whole year and changes it brought to my life.


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