The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas is coming really fast! So is the Christmas madness of getting decorations and gifts for our closest ones. I prepared for you two wishlist today - first one - a little bit more affordable and the second one - where I let my imagination lose, a totally crazy, the ultimate wishlist.
Even if you can't buy any of these items (well, I can't haha), I hope they will inspire you to find some amazing alternatives!
I am not a typical girl - all I love is tech, fantasy and superheroes. So if you know someone like me - maybe there's something for you in here?
 1. Star Wars: Battlefront 2. When the first part came out I was so upset that there's no single player campaign! But guess what - NOW THERE IS. And the actual story is so great! The game is still pretty new though, that's why the price is slightly shocking (you wanted a Play Station, girl, you did).
2. FoolProof Brow Powder by Benefit. The medium shade is just a perfect colour. Also I've heard so many amazing things about the product - I'm all hyped. You change your mind when you have your brows done at least once, haha.
3. POP Vinyl figures - a new Jon Snow and Triss Merigold (The Witcher) are very missed in my collection. People divide for the ones who loves these little cuties and the ones who absolutely hate them. Guess which one am I?
4. "Claws and fangs" by Andrzej Sapkowski - I'm pretty sure it says nothing to you. It's just another part of The Witcher series (you know the games, right? They're based on some old books :D) and I'm so impatient to read more about my fav characters and the newest book would be a perfect gift.
5. A cardigan. There's no such thing like "too much cardigans". And this year H&M has a pretty nice selection of them.
6. Some sturdy boots. You can always use such boots. These one I also found in H&M.
7. Dolce & Gabbana - The One. If Emilia Clarke smells like this, I demand cuddles from her every day. What's even better - the male fragrance is represented by Kit Harington himself. So this is basically a Game Of Throne's scent to me.

Okay, now here comes the hyper expensive, the ultimate wishlist. I should probably call it - "What I'd buy if I had a million dolars."

8. iPhone X. It's pretty self explanatory. I played with this phone today a little and the display, processor, colours - a piece of art.
9 &10. Fjällräven Kånken. Mary, but you have one. Indeed, that's why it's not on my real wishlist. I have a laptop version and it's not as... floppy as I'd like a backpack to be. That's why I'd get another one if I was rich. BUT - the laptop version is amazing and you can put so much stuff in there. Highly reccomend.
11&12. Casetify Apple Watch Bands. These two are just examples, but I absolutely adore those saffiano leather watch bands.
13. Classic Doc Martens. My biggest fashion dream. Just because.
14. Nintendo Switch. I've had one portable console in my life - PS Vita. After few months I decided it's useless and I don't want to look at portable consoles again. Yeah, and then Switch appeared. And you know,  I played Legends of Zelda at the gaming convention I was with Edyta back in October. And I fell in love.

So, here are my two wishlists, perfect for a geeky soul like me. You have some other ideas? I'd be even more than glad to hear them!

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