Bloom, my love.

Monday, April 23, 2018

When everything wakes up - here I am dying again.
There's no spring without blossoms, let's be honest. Instagram, facebook, youtube, the world is full of blooming flowers so here's my piece.
I still remember when I had no strength to leave home to take photos two years ago - I felt like I was missing a lot. Too much.
I'm so sick of the present, my doctor will hear all about it.

Here, take the poem that was born a few days ago.

I feel I'm dying again tonight. 
Not the first or the last time. 
I keep dying so often,
It feels like a cold or a flu. 

Dying but never really dead,
What is even the point of that?
It's like crawling through the thorns to the finish line,
But never really reaching it. 

I don't want to die for good. 
There's so much I have to see. 
It just keeps happening. 
I'm a wounded roe,
Who cannot reach the woods. 

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