Sad, lonely and bad at math.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Wake up, princess - you’re just 3 hours late. That basically means that my new sleeping pills work. I’ve seen my doctor yesterday and she wasn’t really proud of me, even if she never tells it.
It’s not that I don’t make an effort. I do. But it’s still a step too small to make a difference.
But I’ve been going out of my comfort zone quite a lot lately. My and my friend from work bought ticket for Orange Warsaw Festival to see Florence and The Machine. A month later I will see Angus and Julia Stone. I’m very excited because I missed last few shows I was supposed to see.
I will be changing my job in two months. Nothing happened, I still really like my current one, but there was just an opportunity I decided to take. And I will have just 10 minutes ride instead of 40 minutes. That’s a good reason.

An Uber driver asked me recently why do we need math in our lives, when we have smartphones and calculators. I was always terrible at math, my high school teacher wasps telling me constantly that I will never pass my finals. But I did. I failed math at the uni, but hey - I feel really good, knowing instantly how much I will pay for a thing on sale or how much I will be paid for a day of work. These are just basic things that is good to know and seeing people using smartphones to do that scares me.

This week passed, like, immediately. I actually had first week of May off, this was the second one and I have really no idea what I was doing this whole time! Well, I know. I was asleep. And I binge watched the Alchemist. This show is so, so good omg! I felt attached to these characters from the first episode - highly recommend.
I’m doing more and more to work on my books. Yes, two books. One in english and one in polish. This is a huge challange but hey, when I’m busy I don’t think. But you need to know that I’m taking all the time I need. No rush. Only words that will satisfy me in 100%.
And you? How are you today?

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