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Thursday, September 13, 2018

I keep my reality in pictures. Words are not whole when you’re down. Everything is okay but nothing’s good.
It bores me to death. I need to change my meds or therapy.  Not sure which one, probably both. I know I’m monothematic, I really do. But I only have two states - depression and indifference. These are my only states of mind for last 12 years. And of course, I have fun. But the heart stays dry like a raisin. I hate raisins in my cheesecake.

Agata invited me to a question game.  Go and check her wonderful cooking blog out! Thank you so, so much and here are my answers:

1. What would be your perfect place for holidays?

2.  When everything and everyone annoys you…
... I listen to music.

3. Did you see any movie worth watching recently?
I binge watched The Alienist for the second time, does it count?

4. Water - sparkling or still?

5. What makes you cry of laughter?
Jeff Dunham.

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