Terrible at living.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Autumn is showing it's ugly face recently. It's early but I can call it - frost is bitting my lips and cheeks every time I go out and stone cold rain is putting out my fire of thoughts. I gave up on challenges and goals - I'm trying to take whatever I can from every free moment.
Although I'm terrible at living these days. I don't get up when I don't have to, I don't force myself to do anything.
I rearranged my room a little bit. Sometimes the tiniest thing makes such a difference!
The mysterious atmosphere of Halloween (for me - Samhain) is everywhere. I had no chance to go to see celebrations in the medieval village I celebrated Litha in but still - I'm pretty excited for the day. It's not "trick or treats" for me, it's a wonderful dinner made of all earth gave us. With wine and cider, candles and pumpkins, dried leaves and conkers. Nature ends it's cycle, the winter begins, loudly driving us all home to hide from cold.

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