Sunday, December 9, 2018

Every one of us has some kind of a baggage that haunts us in the night. Every person that left makes a scar in our head and in our heart. In the most random moments we’re hit with something that reminds of them. I don’t know how about you, but I have absolutely no control over it. Seeing his favourite snack at the groceries, hearing a song I had so much fun to with an ex friend. It always hits like a rock.
My parents met my dear friend who randomly decided to leave me with no word of explanation - we’ve known each other since we were three. She chatted with them like nothing has ever happened. With no mention of me at all. How is it not supposed to hurt?
I’m not brave at all recently. I’m theoretically fine, but on the very edge. Very vulnerable for everything around me. I received a therapist number from my doctor. I am so afraid to call that I’m just staring at the little piece of paper with the number every day.
Where is my magic and why it works on everyone but me?
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